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Our August issue is live!

With this issue, we trended back to how we started the zine: no prose, but a lot of poetry, with some visual art that ties in conceptually to the verse.

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Our April issue is live!

This issue leans into our literary roots with a number of pieces incorporating sci-fi and fantasy elements, critical theory, and absurdist humor.

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Since we're new on Mastodon, I thought it might be helpful to post some of our submission guidelines and editorial review standards.

These aren't hard rules, but pieces that are closer to following them tend to have better chances.

For a PDF, please use this Google Drive link:

Matt, EIC

We're gearing up to officially release Plumstead Pram Pushers by Katie Beswick, the newest chapbook in our in-house series.

For a look ahead of time:

We've had stellar early reviews! 😀

I haven't written much flash, so it's especially exciting to have a piece in this year's UK National Flash Fiction Day!

A little piece about dragon tropes. 😀

And you can't mention Castlevania or that scene without mentioning Le Castle Vania's highly relevant track:

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I'm just thrilled to have my Castlevania anime / Wagner opera mashup as this week's poem by The Friday Poem:

It's one of my favorite recent pieces. 😀

Happy Saturday!

Our June issue is live with our trademark mix of poetry and visual art, along with a bit of creative nonfiction flash and a new essay in our regular critique column.

I'm delighted to have my contribution to the discourse of the day live in MEMEZINE's new "The Slop" special issue - a little poem about an adventurous bear.


I'm delighted to have a piece in Blackstone / Whitestone's new Found Things zine - a surreal word collage composed from marketing copy taken from a pack of CVS hairbands.



We're at capacity for our in-house chapbook series and are temporarily closing submissions there.

We are, however, open for sci-fi and fantasy poetry manuscripts via our SFWA grant project.

Several strong manuscripts so far, but room for more!

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Right on schedule, our June issue is half full!

More prose poetry and longer poems would be nice.

We're also open for music / audioscape tracks (any genre or style).

We're excited to say that we have two new poetry chapbooks signed and in the works!

One about growing up in small town Colorado:

And one about the culture of South London council estates:

Nice to see that within just a few days of its release, our newest chapbook is closing in on several Amazon Top 100 lists.

The Goose Liver Anthology is a retelling of Mother Goose in the style of the Spoon River Anthology.

What makes it noticeable is that these Top 100 lists are usually filled with reprints of classics, longstanding reliably-selling titles, etc.

Rarely poetry chapbooks from small indie presses. 😀

Our twenty-third and April issue is live!

With poetry, visual art, a critical essay in our new critique column, and two music tracks.

A reading this Saturday at The Writer's Center with Don Illich, author of Rescue is Elsewhere and Love Poems on Bar Napkins.

Don's books are available on Amazon:

And what would be a poem arranged as a song, one might reasonably ask?

Loreena McKennitt's adaptation of Tennyson's "The Lady of Shalott" is a good example.

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We're quite happy with the issue. In addition to our usual poetry and art, we also have a critical essay and - new for us - music tracks.

Speaking of which, the June issue is open for music tracks. Any genre. Poems arranged as songs would be on point.

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Right on schedule, our April issue is full!

The last few acceptances will go out this week.

And that means we're now open for the June issue:

It's best to submit early.

An excerpt of an early review by Grace Cavalieri, Maryland's Poet Laureate:

"You’ll read this book over and again."

Says it all!

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Cover art for Don Illich's Love Poems on Bar Napkins, the newest book in this year's in-house poetry chapbook series.

Don's first book with us, Rescue is Elsewhere, is available on Amazon:

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