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Our August issue is live!

With this issue, we trended back to how we started the zine: no prose, but a lot of poetry, with some visual art that ties in conceptually to the verse.

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Our April issue is live!

This issue leans into our literary roots with a number of pieces incorporating sci-fi and fantasy elements, critical theory, and absurdist humor.

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Since we're new on Mastodon, I thought it might be helpful to post some of our submission guidelines and editorial review standards.

These aren't hard rules, but pieces that are closer to following them tend to have better chances.

For a PDF, please use this Google Drive link:

Matt, EIC

Today is Giving Tuesday, an international day of philanthropy!

We'd be grateful for your support of our 2024 chapbook series:

Every donation counts!

Looking for a stocking stuffer or a small gift for a Secret Santa exchange?

We have a bunch of fun and cheeky merch on Etsy:

Best to order early to avoid the inevitable December shipping delays when holiday shopping heats up.

Depending on the book, the author takes 100% of the proceeds, or splits them with us equally.

Our share is earmarked to help fund our 2024 chapbook series.

There's really no better time to check out our books!

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The holidays are here!

And as part of our annual fundraising, our books are priced at a 33% holiday discount:

2 anthologies and 5 chapbooks
in paperback and Kindle e-book format.

The author shares equally in the proceeds. We're earmarking our share to help fund our 2024 chapbook series.

And as with all of our books, if you donate a copy to your local library, we'll credit you as a sponsor on the book's page on our site!

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We're thrilled to announce the newest arrival to our chapbooks - John Sullivan's "The Big Forever Swim."

This is a unique work that blends verse and theater scripts into a new hybrid form, the poem-script.

$7.99 on Amazon after a 20% holiday discount!

Feel like getting a head start on your holiday shopping?

We have a bunch of new stuff on our Etsy shop!

T-shirts, ball caps, a journaling notebook, and several other fun things:

I'm thrilled to say that RDP has accepted my new micro-collection to their next series!

These are cool microzines - check them out:


Well, we actually made it onto Brecht de Poortere's Top 1,000 for 2024 list:

A little surprising since we do zero formal marketing or promotion.

Any name recognition we have is all by word of mouth.

If you'd like to review the book yourself, happy to send along a PDF ARC.

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Our December issue is a wrap!

And we're now opening the reading period for the February 2024 issue:

It's a good idea to send in subs early. We'll have holiday free time for the issue in December, a bit less in January after the holidays.

Our December issue is filling up, but we still have room!

More prose poetry and longer pieces would be nice.

Happy Halloween!

We're delighted to announce the release of our newest book in our chapbook series, Unicorn Death Moon.

Part poetry, part art, also a planner / writing notebook - it's one of a kind:

100% of proceeds go to the author.

Happy to say I placed a piece with Cape Magazine's next issue - a John Cheever-esque piece inspired, just for the fun of it, by celebrity divorce news and an old Taking Back Sunday emo song.

Check them out, they have cool issues.

Are you in California?

Something to bookmark for later - California Poet Laureate Lee Herrick and the California Arts Council have a new poetry project in the works.

Subs open later this year.

Today is National Dark Poetry Day!

And we just happen to have a collection of dark fantasy and horror poetry in our brand new chapbook series - GRAB, by noted librettist Kendra P. Leonard.

To sweeten the deal - after you've read your copy, donate it to a local library and we'll credit you as a sponsor on the book's page on our site.

It's a thrill to see one of my eco-poetry pieces in the latest issue of FERAL magazine, a surreal reply to a Carolyn Forché piece about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


Just as a little perk - if you buy a chapbook and donate it to a local public or university library, we'll list you as a sponsor on the book's page on our site. 😀

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